Rainy days and wine!

It’s been raining a lot in Florida!  Yesterday I was shooting sexy swimwear in the Keys; rain, dark clouds and humidity, not the ideal circumstances for a sexy photo shoot. But we were all positive and made the best out of it. By the end of the day, as the sun was setting we moved location for another few shots. We were welcomed by a large amount of mosquitos and noseeums, we sprayed ourselves with anti bug spray but they were ruthless. It drove us crazy, biting us everywhere! As soon as we called it a day we ran to our cars and quickly drove off. I was afraid to even look at my body, I knew it was bad…This morning I woke up, looked in the mirror .. and winced.. it looks like I have the measles :(   Those pics better be worth it LOL.

Even though it’s still warm in Florida, (84 degrees) I covered my body up with clothes so I’m not constantly reminded of what it looks like but the itch drives me crazy at times! What helps is focusing on Models Do Eat, it gives me instant joy and it takes the attention away from my itchy skin :) Thanks for connecting with me through Models Do Eat!

Do you like wine? I do, but have to admit that I don’t know much about wine, I judge a bottle by it’s cover! That’s why I asked Monica Vaughan, who’s a wine expert to give me some recommendations! Monica studied oenology; the science and study of all aspects of wine and winemaking. You gotta love the way she describes wine, that’s a talent on its own! Read the interview below.


I met Monica on a  catalogue shoot at a gorgeous mansion upstate NY. In between shots we would chat a bit but there wasn’t much time to share stories. Monica told me that she is super passionate about wine and opened a wine boutique in Nolita, downtown NYC  I was curious and I had so many questions to ask her, luckily after the shoot we got on a train back to city and I could hear her out :)

1Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 6.20.55 PM

2 3

Now I know what wine to pair up with my favorite cheese and what wine we should try at least once in our life!

When you are in NY go check out the store or order some bottles online:  http://nolitawinemerchants.com/

Cheers! In Dutch; proost! :)

Almond flax cake

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 11.38.31 AM

German model and actress Nadia Dassouki, shares her healthy almond flax cake recipe with Models Do Eat!

Nadia got bitten by the acting bug after shooting two Avon commercials. She started attending acting classes and shooting lots of shorts and indie films. This active and versatile beauty resides in LA where she enjoys going hiking, kickboxing, running or doing yoga. Nadia is also passionate about writing and drawing and loves a good sushi sashimi!

Watch Nadia make this delicious cake! click here.


almond cake

ALMOND FLAX CAKE (rich in protein, fiber and omega 3)



Follow Nadia on Instagram: @nadiadassouki

Thanks for sharing Nadia! :)

The Earth Diet


I had dinner with the lovely Liana Werner-Gray, founder of The earth Diet at an extraordinary raw food restaurant  Pure food and wine  in NYC.  Liana is a beautiful, centered and passionate woman, you’d never think of her having to deal with a junk food binge eating addiction for five years. When a pre-cancerous tumor, the size of a golfball surfaced Liana knew she had to change. FInd out what Liana did to self-heal and to end the binge eating for good!

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 9.56.15 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 9.57.16 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 9.57.56 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 9.58.52 AM


Do you remember Heath Hutchins?


Yes, he’s the male model who traded the football field for modeling and lost 50 pounds muscle mass to fit in designer clothes! He transformed his body in a matter of months! His story got a lot of attention: +250.000 people saw the post, 1454 likes, and 71 shares! 
(In case you missed it: http://modelsdoeat.com/?p=1143)

I thought you’d like to see more of him  :)  So, I asked Heath to share a favorite recipe with “Models Do Eat”. And guess what? He shot a home video, talking you through his healthy cookie recipe! Go check it out!

Have a great weekend sweet friends!

XO Jill

Pumpkin “no cheese” Cheesecake with Caramel

pumkin cheesecake

Angela made this delicious cake for her own birthday and shared it with the photo crew she was working with that day! Lucky peeps :) It’s a gluten, dairy and lactose- free cake, and believe it or not; healthy enough to have for breakfast ;)  Happy Birthday Angela! To another fun-filled year with lots of awesome recipes and adventures!

part 1

Directions:   part2

Thanks for sharing!



“Great body & skin” by Angela Willemse


This beautiful long legged redhead is Angela WIllemse. Great body, great skin, no wonder her fantastic blog is named www.greatbodyskin.com. This knowledgeable beauty shares all her amazing recipes, work-outs and tips for healthy skin. As a model Angela knows first hand what it’s like to live a balanced healthy lifestyle with the requirements of the fashion industry in mind. Curious to find out if she diets, counts calories and if she’s obsessed with her weight? Read on; she’ll tell you everything!



Thanks Angela! Your passion for health and sharing your knowledge is wonderful! Models can be great role models! You certainly are! :)


Bailee’s conscious effort to stay slim.

It was a pleasure to interview Bailee Roberts for Models Do Eat; she’s such a smart, down to earth and food loving beauty! Bailee is also featured in the newest issue (June) of Health and fitness magazine talking about her blog and health.

Bailee: “I’m not naturally toothpick skinny; It’s a conscious effort me to stay slim.  While I’ve always been aware of the importance of keeping healthy, my enjoyment of cooking and eating can take over! If I ever struggle to find a balance between modeling and life’s pleasures, such as cake and wine, then I’ll find another job”!


interview 2bailee

THANKS BAILEE! Keep spreading the joy of cooking!

“The model Foodie’s” tuna tartar

tuna tartar

I just discovered Bailee’s fantastic food blog; “THE MODEL FOODIE”
Bailee and I are totally on the same page; “We should be able to enjoy a diverse diet that does not feel restrictive and leaves us with a beautiful healthy body. Fundamentally, I don’t see why we need to choose between taste and health.” Amen! :)

Check out her tuna tartar recipe: tasty, healthy, quick and impressive


“What do models eat” by Jocette


So it’s lunchtime in the international world of modeling, what’s on the menu? After 18 years of modeling it would be interesting to get a cross-section of all the meals I’ve ordered; the juicy burgers, mouth-watering seafood, delicious vegetarian and the list goes on.

But what do you think models eat?

Apparently that’s an interesting question so I googled  ‘do models eat’ and to my horror these were the threads.


Heavens above, are you people serious? This just makes me want to go home and eat a pound cake over my sink and cry into my cat. There are only two food items on this list of which I DO EAT, but the rest of those items… a tapeworm? REALLY?… Come on give models a break and hands us the Kit Kat that goes with it!

We aren’t freaks… I don’t eat tissue.. I wipe my ass with it though. And as for cotton, I don’t ever recall wanting to eat the shirt I was wearing now matter how peckish I was.
Why is there such a toxic aura surrounding models and what we eat? Yes it’s true some models are so thin that wearing a super-sized tampon makes them look fat but that doesn’t mean we don’t love our food. As for me, I love to eat, and I could eat a horse; I don’t wanna eat what the horse is eating.

I wanna eat with greed, I wanna eat with my hands and make a mess and wipe my face on my sleeve like a caveman. I want a rack of ribs with mashed potatoes. I like stuffing, garlic bread and have a kebab after an evening session at the pub, where I drink beer and wine.

I’m a regular sized 6 girl (8 UK) and there’s nothing wrong with my appetite. So what’s my secret? Shhhhhhh… Sure I’ll tell you: EXERCISE! There’s no cheat sheet if you want to be slim, you gotta move! That’s how it works. We enjoy food just like you, and we eat whatever we want of course in moderation. So next time you take a model to dinner please don’t order a tapeworm or I’ll wrap it around your neck ;)