Cucumber tuna boat

cucumber tuna

The last couple of days I was looking for something to substitute my lunch sandwich, something substantial, healthy and super tasty. I had given it much thought and when I was going to give it a try I knew exactly what I wanted and voila; the perfect recipe in one try!

These cucumber tuna boats are refreshing and delicious; they have a great crunch and are so flavorful!

I devoured three of them in the past 24 hours LOL. I had two cucumbers, which makes four boats; and had my South African friend Morne test one for me. I got the thumbs up! :)

For four servings: ( takes les than 10 min. to make)


This could also be a great appetizer, just cut the boat up in bite size pieces!




“The model Foodie’s” tuna tartar

tuna tartar

I just discovered Bailee’s fantastic food blog; “THE MODEL FOODIE”
Bailee and I are totally on the same page; “We should be able to enjoy a diverse diet that does not feel restrictive and leaves us with a beautiful healthy body. Fundamentally, I don’t see why we need to choose between taste and health.” Amen! :)

Check out her tuna tartar recipe: tasty, healthy, quick and impressive


Let’s feed our skin today!

Beautiful skin reflects health to me and I think good nutrition is key in keeping my skin healthy.This fruity salad is super refreshing and all the ingredients make your skin very happy!

  • Oranges and grapefruits are a great source of Vitamin C which is known to improve skin texture and color. They help restore collagen in our body, which is responsible for skin firming and prevents early aging.
  • Grapefruit also contains a phytochemical known as naringin. Naringin reduces toxins in the liver which results in healthier skin.
  • Spinach is packed with water, iron, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin A and other nutrients that make your skin look and feel its best.
This salad is a great appetizer or if you like a light lunch or dinner. When I eat it for lunch or dinner I double the portion.

(It’s easiest to toast pine nuts in a dry skillet over medium heat. Shake the skillet frequently to ensure even browning)

Jill’s ceviche

Ceviche has become a popular international dish for several reasons. It tastes so good, it’s light, easy to digest, super healthy and an excellent source of protein. Ceviche also contains lots of vitamins and minerals and it’s  a low-fat food.

It took me a while to learn to enjoy raw fish and Ceviche certainly helped me to apreciate it! It kind of took me by the hand and said ” Don’t worry Jill, I’m “cooked” in citrus juice :) ”  It took me on a little adventure and convinced me of it’s greatness. Even if you aren’t a fan of raw fish, I would recommend trying this!  And for all the Ceviche fans out there; ” Where’s is the tortilla chips?” Lets dig in!

I love what fresh orange juice does to this dish; the subtle sweetness combined with the onions, fresh herbs and peppers make my mouth water.

Important: the fish you use for ceviche must be very fresh!

Use a sharp knife and cut the fish into small cubes (½ in inch or smaller) Season with sea salt and transfer into a glass bowl. Squeeze all the juice out of the lemon, lime and orange and poor over the fish.

Cover the bowl and refrigerate at least two hours for the best result!

Chop all other ingredients right before you’re ready to take the bowl out of the fridge. Cut the cherry tomato’s and avocado into small pieces. Mince the peppers and finely chop the chives, mint and cilantro. Pour out most of the citrus juice and add all other ingredients to the bowl and mix it together.Taste the ceviche and add salt if needed.

Start scooping up the goodness!