Grouper fish tacos


Are you ready for the weekend? I certainly am! I’m finishing up work and getting the guesthouse ready for my dad and his lovely girlfriend. They’re flying in from Holland and it’ll be their first time in Miami. I’m so excited, I only get to see my family once or twice a year; needless to say I’m going to spoil them this weekend with yummy food and ice cold drinks! :)

What are you doing this weekend? Is the sun shining were you live? Let’s make some tasty fish tacos! This recipes is quick and easy and you’ll be eating it with raw veggies infused with refreshing lime.



To a weekend filled with sun, laughter and food! :)


XO Jill

Carrot Quinoa salad with apple, avocado, coconut & toasted almond!


Did you know that Quinoa is gluten free and easy to digest?! It’s also one of the few vegetarian “complete” proteins, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids your body needs. And on top of that it’s high in iron, B vitamins, zinc, potassium, calcium, and vitamin E. Sounds good right?!  Let’s make this ancient grain taste so good that you actually want to eat this a LOT :)

I think plain quinoa can be boring; I usually make it with chicken stock to add some flavor. But this will blow your mind: Quinoa cooked in fresh carrot juice with ginger and union! Topped of with apple, coconut, avocado and toasted almonds! Oh yes, you’ll be eating sweet and fun-colored quinoa tonight!


Note:  I personally didn’t think it needed it, but maybe you want to add a touch of salt to the quinoa.

I like to take out the juicer and make fresh carrot juice for this recipe!direction


Summer fruit wraps with basil


I love that in summer there’s so much fresh fruit and vegetables available. All the colors and flavors make creating a recipe very playful.

I find it easier to eat healthy in summer; I naturally crave lighter food and eat lots of salads. And of course I want to be in shape when I go to the beach ;) So I’m sharing a delicious and healthy fruit snack recipe with you that is super easy to make!


Enjoy the sun!


Cucumber tuna boat

cucumber tuna

The last couple of days I was looking for something to substitute my lunch sandwich, something substantial, healthy and super tasty. I had given it much thought and when I was going to give it a try I knew exactly what I wanted and voila; the perfect recipe in one try!

These cucumber tuna boats are refreshing and delicious; they have a great crunch and are so flavorful!

I devoured three of them in the past 24 hours LOL. I had two cucumbers, which makes four boats; and had my South African friend Morne test one for me. I got the thumbs up! :)

For four servings: ( takes les than 10 min. to make)


This could also be a great appetizer, just cut the boat up in bite size pieces!




Simply good

smoked salmon

What are you having for lunch today? If you haven’t decided yet.. go for something with salmon! There is no magic health pill, but if there was, it would certainly list salmon as an ingredient. Salmon is rich in omega-3 acids , the building blocks of nerve tissue and brain cells! Yep, It’s a smart choice ;)

I used yogurt instead of cream cheese, very refreshing!


Spread some greek yogurt on your toast. Place a slice of smoked salmon on the yogurt, add the radish and sprinkle some chopped scallions or chives on top . Finish with some black pepper.


Brie sandwich with apple, grapes and arugula.


When I first moved from Holland to the United States, I discovered the difference in “Bread culture” after ordering my first ham and cheese sandwich at a deli. I couldn’t believe that there were four layers of ham and another four thick layers of cheese on a single sandwich!

When ordering a sandwich in Holland in one of the many deli’s (Broodjeszaak in Dutch) you get exactly one layer of whatever you ordered on your bread! I can only imagine the disappointment Americans must feel when they travel to Holland and order a sandwich ;) They must think it’s a rip off!

Over the years I’ve always stuck with my one layer habit, usually a flavorful cheese like Gouda, sharp cheddar or brie on top of whole grain bread for lunch. But that doesn’t mean that my sandwiches are boring ;) This is what I made today!


Spread a thin layer of your favorite butter or margarine on the toast. Layer the brie, apple, grapes and arugula ( in that order) and crack some pepper on top! Enjoy!

[ really_simple_share]


Pineapple chicken curry


Who doesn’t like a good curry?! Have you ever made one yourself? This recipe is very easy to make! You have to get a few ingredients that you might not have in your pantry, like the fish sauce and curry paste but it’s worth getting. Once you try this curry, you’ll be hooked. My friends keep asking me to make this over and over again!  :)

I love the sweetness of the pineapple in this curry, it makes this real comfort food. And I like to mob up the curry sauce with a whole wheat naan. I literally clean my plate with it; when I’m done eating you won’t find a trace… LOL



Last but not least; stir the pineapple in.

I usually eat this curry with brown rice but tried it with quinoa this time and it was really good too!

Inspired by a recipe of Kristy Bachelder on

Cauliflower rice with cashew cheese

Cauliflower rice

It’s Vegan Friday! I really enjoy cooking Vegan as I find most recipes inventive and inspiring. This time I made Krysten Jorgensen’s cauliflower rice with RAW cashew cheese. Wow…..both me and my taste buds are Impressed (while on fire)

This super healthy dish is so tasty and OMG, the cashew cheese is insane! One of the hardest things to give up being Vegan must be cheese, but this truly is a great replacement, and just to remind you….I’m Dutch! :)

I was surprised that hours after this delicious meal I still did not feel hungry. Later I found out why; the recipe was for two persons and I ate it all by myself! LOL!

Tip: There’s a LOT of garlic in this dish, so share it with the person you’re spending your day or evening with ;)

Thanks for sharing this great recipe with MDE Krysten!

This recipe is for two people:

cauliflower rice ing


cashew chees ing


Seafood on the grill


My dear friend Renee Carmody and her husband Nick are visiting from Colorado. They are both “foodies” and I looked forward their visit as I knew that we would be catching up on life over lots of delicious food :)

Renee loves seafood so I took her to Casablanca, a fish market in Miami that sells a variety of fresh fish and seafood. Renee walked around like a kid in a candy store and bought; scallops, crab, octopus and salmon. I had never prepared crab or octopus before so I watched her closely and asked Renee to share her recipe with “Models DO eat”.

The great thing about cooking with friends is that you get to know them better by joining them on a journey into their food universe. Food brings people together as it allows us to share an important part of ourselves and show how much we care.

“Love your friends, cook them a meal.”

Grilled Maryland blue crab  (For 3-4)


Grilled baby octopus ( Side dish for 3-4)




Moroccan salmon with couscous and salad

moroccan salmon

Have you ever been to Morocco? If you haven’t and want to experience it, keep reading ;) I traveled to Morocco for several modeling jobs and it was truly an amazing experience. The country is beautiful and the food is unique and delicious. Whenever I eat this dish, my mind instantly wonders off to the little streets of Marrakech with it’s picturesque restaurants.

The aromatic, slightly bitter taste of cumin and the sweetness of the raisins and cinnamon combined with a crispy salad of cucumber, red union and tomato’s. All these distinct flavors of the Moroccan kitchen truly make my mouth water every time I prepare this.

I just love the fact that couscous is so versatile, quick and easy to prepare (10 min). You’re always guaranteed of great results with minimum effort :) I always stir in a little butter when the couscous is done to enrich the flavor and make it less dry.

Prepare this dish whenever you want to impress your loved one or guests, or if you feel like treating yourself to something special.




Inspired by a recipe on