Let’s take the bull by the horns and pop some corn!


This week has been challenging for me and for a lot of people around me. It’s as if something was in the air; things that no longer could be procrastinated came to surface and needed to be addressed. Through sharing these times and experiences I feel we can support each other and gather the courage to take the bull by its horns!

In my life there are a lot of changes in the air and even though I like change and I can feel the excitement it’s also a bit scary and unsettling, especially when it’s not clear what the changes will look like. There are several options and some of them depend on decisions I have no control over. I was waiting for the Universe to give me signs on what to do but when I didn’t get any I had an epiphany. I thought “why am I in a depending position ? No one else can make a decision for what I want my future to be like. I should make the decision regardless of what the answer is that I’m waiting for” And so I did; I asked my heart what it desired and when I clearly felt what it was I wanted I made some powerful decisions that opened up the road again! It feels great to take charge again :)

If you’re also dealing with something similar, I hope this might help you make a decision. By making a decision everything will change even things that are not directly related. And remember that when you make decisions from your heart you will never regret it!



I did some research on movie theater popcorn and it’s quite shocking to find out that you’re paying top dollar for a bag of chemicals:

-Most movie theater popcorn is cooked in an oil product that is mostly hydrogenated coconut oil, a highly toxic trans fat.

-The corn itself is grown using insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, fumigants and other chemicals used to “treat” the corn.

-The artificial-butter-flavored topping is typically made mainly from hydrogenated soybean oil (another trans fat), artificial flavoring, beta carotene for color, and preservatives.

-One “flavoring agent” used in popcorn “butter” is called diacetyl, and it has been associated with lung disease among workers in the factories where it’s made.

I strongly recommend not eating cinema popcorn anymore, bring your own healthy snack instead! And if you crave for popcorn or have a movie night at home make it on the stove! Not in the microwave? No,  a lot of microwaveable popcorn also have artificial butter flavorings, chemicals, and excessive amounts of salt in it.

It’s easy and fun to do. Make the best tasting, healthy popcorn with real ingredients! I use a whirley popcorn pan (www.whirleypopshop.com) but you can use a regular pan too; click here for video directions. My favorite is white truffle popcorn and the sweet curry is also really good!

Most importantly; use organic corn! Corn is ranked high in the top four genetically engineered crops and is very bad for you!

1/4 cup corn makes 6-8 cups



Banana Coconut Energy Bar


Hi, how’s your day going?! I hope you’re having a fun and productive day :)

If you have a 4 o’clock snack attack today, grab something that won’t rob you from your energy, try to avoid sugar laden processed food. Eat some nuts, fruit or an energy bar.

An energy bar can be the perfect fix for your appetite when you have a busy day or when you’re about to hit the gym and need a little something to get going.

There are so many energy bars to choose from nowadays. The health claims on the front side look very promising but don’t let it seduce you. First check the list of ingredients; Look for bars that contain all natural ingredients. The first ingredient should not be a sweetener and the bar should not contain any high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oils.

Or.. why don’t you make your own energy bars?! It’s really easy and much cheaper and you control what’s in there.

This recipe has only nine ingredients, and all of the ingredients are blessed with a nutritional value that your body will be thankful for. There’s no added sugar, the dates and dried bananas deliver the best sweetness.

I love these bars!



Summer fruit wraps with basil


I love that in summer there’s so much fresh fruit and vegetables available. All the colors and flavors make creating a recipe very playful.

I find it easier to eat healthy in summer; I naturally crave lighter food and eat lots of salads. And of course I want to be in shape when I go to the beach ;) So I’m sharing a delicious and healthy fruit snack recipe with you that is super easy to make!


Enjoy the sun!


Simply good

smoked salmon

What are you having for lunch today? If you haven’t decided yet.. go for something with salmon! There is no magic health pill, but if there was, it would certainly list salmon as an ingredient. Salmon is rich in omega-3 acids , the building blocks of nerve tissue and brain cells! Yep, It’s a smart choice ;)

I used yogurt instead of cream cheese, very refreshing!


Spread some greek yogurt on your toast. Place a slice of smoked salmon on the yogurt, add the radish and sprinkle some chopped scallions or chives on top . Finish with some black pepper.


Honey lemon yogurt snack


A lemon a day keeps the doctor away! From digestion aid to wrinkle fighter, Lemon is one of those super foods with a myriad health and cosmetic benefits.

I squeeze lemon in my water, sprinkle it over my salad and add it to my veggie juice and for this recipe I mixed it into my yogurt. It’s an easy thing to add to your routine, little effort big results :)

Greek yogurt makes a good snack, especially when sweetened with honey. It’s a healthy and satisfying treat that will keep you slim!

I had this for breakfast the other day and I might serve it as a dessert next ;)


Mix the honey an lemon juice into the yogurt. Top it of with sliced kiwi, strawberry and shredded mint leaves.

Have a great weekend! XO

Ditch sugary granola for home made muesli!


I was surprised to find out that my favorite “healthy” granola has a lot of sugar in it even though it’s named, innocently on the label as “Evaporated cane juice“. Evaporated cane juice is supposed to be a healthy alternative to refined sugar, but I prefer not to have added sugar to my breakfast. So I decided to make my own version :) I mixed a few cups rolled oats with raisins, dried apricot and dried mango + sunflower and pumpkin seeds.The dried fruit make it taste nice and sweet and when I eat this muesli with hemp milk or yogurt I feel like a winner!

The great thing about making your own muesli is that you get to pick all your favorite flavors. I’m already thinking what I’m going to be making next…! Coconut..dried banana.. Hmmm..

When you make your own muesli make sure you buy “unsulfured” dried fruit (no sugar added). Sulfur dioxide is a preservative to help retain the original fruit color, but it’s not healthy.

Take control over your sugar intake! One spoon less at a time ;)





Raw and Vegan Brownie


My friend Krysten Jorgensen from the blog “The Daily Kale” is going to share some of her delicious vegan recipes with MDE on Vegan Fridays! She created “ The Daily Kale” initially for her mom who lives on the other side of the country but her healthy recipes and tips inspire many others including me.

Krysten explains: I became very interested with health, when I realized that my family history (health wise) is not a good one. And at the rate I was going, drinking soda, eating fast food, etc. I would’ve continued that history. I realized that just because my family’s health history is not the best one- it does NOT mean that has to be mine. I’m not destined to have heart problems, diabetes, bad cholesterol, etc. I can change all of these things and I change it with food! Because it all starts there; “Let food be thy medicine“.

This brownie recipe is raw and vegan, I made it yesterday and boy it’s ridiculously good! :) I had friends over for dinner and we all went for seconds and added a scoop of vanilla ice cream with some cinnamon! ;)  It feels SO good knowing that these brownies are nutritious too; You’re mainly eating nuts, dates, avocado and cacao powder! You don’t actually taste the avocado, it creates the mousse-like consistency.

raw brownie

ingredients brownie

First: Put all the ingredients for the crust in a food processor and when it’s really fine place the mixture in a cake form or dish. Press onto the mixture with a flat spoon or your fingers until it feels solid and make an even surface.

Second: Put all the ingredients for the icing in a food processor and when it’s smooth spoon it onto the crust.

Third: Indulge :)

(I put it in the freezer for a while to make it more firm; easier to cut squares out of it)

Krysten thanks SO much for sharing this recipe with MDE!

Check out Krysten’s blog: www.facebook.com/TheDailyKale

Tuna Melt “Models DO eat” style

tuna melt

The tuna melt is truly an old time favorite sandwich and today I really craved one. I decided to create a healthier variation of this classic sandwich by adding veggies and substituting mayonnaise with Vegenaise. ( I got it at Whole foods)

It’s not easy to please a Dutchie if it comes to a mayonnaise alternative, but I was pleasantly surprised with how close the Vegenaise flavor comes to my favorite Dutch Mayo! It’s egg-free and all natural made with expeller-pressed canola oil, brown rice syrup and apple cider vinegar and contains omega-3 fatty acids, which turns me into an even bigger fan ;-)

Tuna is a solid source op protein, which is a vital component in any diet as it’s designed to help build muscle tissue and lose body fat. Canned tuna is cheap and fast to prepare and virtually carb- and fat free! Did I mention tuna is good source of Omega-3 as well ??LOL!! Tuna has it all!

I usually make this sandwich with young Gouda cheese but since I was out of  Gouda I made it with a slice of Brie, which turned out to be delicious!!!!

Tuna melt recipe

Put the tuna in a bowl.

Finely chop the red union and the bell pepper and mix it in the tuna.

Stir in the Vegenaise.

Season with a little bit of salt and pepper.

Toast the bread and put two slices of cheese on it. (If you like to melt the cheese put it in a heated oven for a minute or two)

Place the collard green on top of the cheese.

Slice a small carrot in two and lay them on opposite sides on the slice of bread.

Add the tuna mixture in the middle of the carrots and place the other piece of bread on top.

Take a BIG bite and…. Enjoy! :)



























1 Whole-wheat naan bread

1 can tuna in water, drained

2 slices of cheddar/ young gouda/ Brie cheese

1 ½ tbsp vegenaisse

1 tbsp red union

¼ cup red bell pepper

collard green

1 small carrot

Salt & pepper



drain the water out of the can, I open up the lit, press it down and hold it up side down in the sink; this way the water will run out.







Orange honey yogurt with flaxseed & cinnamon


This morning I made Orange honey yogurt with flaxseed and cinnamon for breakfast…..what a yummy start of my day! Most ready-made fruit yogurts in the supermarket tend to be high in added sugar and preservatives, compromising the overall nutritional value. The picture on the front often looks promising but when looking at the ingredients I’ll pass. I like fruit yoghurt for breakfast or have it as a snack, so I usually purchase plain yogurt and add my own flavor.

Today I mixed my freshly squeezed orange juice with 2% Greek yogurt. I sweetened it with honey (great antioxidant) instead of sugar and added flaxseed and a little bit of cinnamon.

TIP: It’s a great idea to always have a bag of ground Flaxseed in your kitchen. Flaxseed is a perfect non-animal source of Omega-3 fatty acids and mixes great with dough for baked goods, pancakes, smoothies etc.

It only took me five minutes to make a breakfast that will last me until lunch.

Try this yummy breakfast and let me know if you like it!

orange yogurt

Poor the yogurt in a bowl, stir in the orange juice until it has a smooth consistency.

Add the honey; start with a little less than a tablespoon, sample it and mix in a little more until you find your “sweet’ spot.

MIx in the flaxseed and sprinkle some cinnamon on top.

A very good morning to you! :)


Dairy-free strawberry smoothie

DF smoothie

I love slurping away on a good, healthy smoothie for breakfast, lunch or as a snack in between meals.  My favorite smoothies are sweet with a thick & creamy consistency. I like to use yoghurt or milk as a base but I’ve been searching for a way to replace dairy without compromising taste…..and I found it! :)

This smoothie is totally dairy-free but still has the creamy texture I love so much. Raw, unsalted cashews bring the “smooth” to this smoothie while providing a wealth of minerals and amino acids.

Cashew nuts are an invaluable ingredient in many raw vegan creamy desserts. I even use them as a substitute for heavy cream in some of my soup recipes.

For the best result, use a powerful blender such as a Vitamix to prepare this smoothie.