How Heath Hutchins transformed his body

Heath recently traded the football field for modeling and lost 50 pounds muscle mass to fit in designer clothes. He transformed his body in a matter of months! I was intrigued by his story and discipline and wanted to share it with you! Heath is a very nice, interesting and down to earth guy and only just started his modeling career. He’s going to make it BIG ;) .  Read the interview and check out his before and after pics!




Can you describe your body’s “journey” from the day that you decided you were going to trade the football field for modeling?

It was kind of a weird goal so there was not a lot of guidance.  I knew a lot about training to get size and to get ripped but it’s really rare that somebody wants to lose the muscle mass that they have worked years to get. I knew 3500 calories equaled 1 pound and when I was 215-220 I would eat around 4500 on average a day. So when I cut my calories to around 1800-2000 my body freaked. I think I lost the first 20 lbs in a little over 2 weeks. Then it slowed down after that but I first came to Miami in November around 190 and I remember one day being 185 and talking to my booker and saying, I think 180 will be as small as I can get. By December I was 178 and by the end of January I was 175. And by the beginning of March I hit 170. So I am way smaller than I ever thought I could be but I for real think this is it. I recently got with agencies in Europe and Milan in particular was like 5 more lbs and you’ll be perfect. I laughed on the inside and thought I wonder if they would have every wanted me at 200 pounds.

 What was the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is probably food. I love chocolate chip cookies and Mexican food. I literally used to eat one of the two daily and now may eat one of them every 10 days.

How do you feel in this new body? 

Light! I can never really lift weights anymore to avoid bulking but do a lot of body weight cardio type stuff and I can do at least 5 times as many pull ups now. I can also fit in all the clothes I model now. At first I couldn’t book as much because my legs were so big.

Do you miss your football body sometimes? 

For sure in certain situations. I don’t go to gyms really but I know I would miss it if I did. I used to see guys lift a weight like 10 times then go do it like 20 just to show off. Now I probably couldn’t do it 2 times and honestly don’t want to find out.

 What’s your favorite food?

Chocolate chip cookies and Mexican food. But since I never have either much I would say almonds (especially almond butter) and spinach have to be my favorite foods I eat daily. I am also big on protein shakes. A lot of people don’t realize they are literally like the leanest thing you can eat.

Do you cook? What’s your specialty?

Yes I cook basically every meal I eat. Restaurants are there because the food tastes good and to do that they add so much butter and unhealthy things. I would say my specialty is chicken I use it in a lot of different things I eat from salads to wraps to just by itself. My go to meal is probably just a salad using spinach with eggs, chicken, tomatoes, avocado and a fat free dressing either Italian or balsamic.

What type of women are you attracted to?

Women who are down to earth and have kind personalities.  Especially in modeling I meet a new pretty face almost every day, so beautiful looking women are a dime a dozen but to meet a female who is beautiful on the inside and outside is rare.

Tell us about a recent funny/awkward moment as a model?

I was at an airport one time and had my bag super full so my book was on my rolling bag. I was going down an escalator and it fell off and extra pictures went everywhere at the bottom. So there were all these basically naked pictures of me all over and people were helping me pick them up and going O MY!!! I just didn’t make any eye contact and tried to pick them up as fast as possible.

Any advice for the guys out there to get a body like yours?

You can’t drink and party every night and have a nice body. You have to be really dedicated and strict about what you put in your body. I am to the point where I can eat a few slices of bread and see my body change from the carbs. DIET is more important than any pill you can buy. People go out and spend $200 on supplements when really they just need to change what they eat.

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