Clever Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is often not as healthy as it sounds. Most carrot cakes are made with lots of butter, sugar, white flour and only a small amount of carrots.

Not this clever carrot cake! Want to indulge without the bulge? Try this recipe!

This carrot cake contains 3 ½ cups of carrot pulp and ½ cup apple pulp. The naturally sweet pulp, honey, vanilla extract and raisins sweeten this cake beautifully. And instead of white four I use wholesome wheat flour and flaxseed! I replaced butter with canola oil, it’s one of the healthiest cooking oils since it’s low in saturated fats.

Soon after I put this cake in the oven a sweet scent mixed with cinnamon entered my nostrils. I hoped the hour would go by quickly, I couldn’t wait to eat a slice :)  It’s a perfect cake, the crust is hard and the inside moist and dense.

I sometimes joke and say that it’s so healthy you can eat it for breakfast. In every joke there’s a little bit of truth, I have to admit I have done that more than once LOL.

You’ll need a juicer for this recipe.

BTW: Drink or save the apple/carrot juice, it’s delicious! I like to squeeze some fresh lemon in it.