The other day a friend asked me for some advice on exercise and how to live a more balanced life. I figured to create a post on the topic as I think that balance is something many of us are looking for.

I don’t think that balance is something we find one day and it’s there forever. I often found balance by experiencing both sides of the spectrum first, but I’ve also learned to listen to my body and intuition. When it comes to your life, your body and your health, there are certain things that you have control over and other things you simply don’t. Therefore start by controlling your controllables. Ask yourself  “What makes me feel balanced?”. Write these things down and make them your priority. For example, let’s say eating healthy food and exercise make you feel balanced. Then make these things your priority. Look at your calendar and schedule your exercise for the upcoming days and when you buy groceries make only healthy choices. Some days you may feel more balanced than others and it’s totally OK and normal to feel imbalanced at times. Don’t beat yourself up when you didn’t stick to your plans. If you did something yesterday that didn’t work for you, choose something different today. Write down what works and what doesn’t and stick with the things that serve your goals….simply let go of the ones that don’t. Fill your days with things you LOVE to do & eat :)