How does miss Wyoming stay in shape?

Mary David tells “Models do eat” how she prepped herself for beauty pageant season and beyond:

I had to change my eating habits, while competing in different pageants at the state level and then going on to the Miss United States 2012 pageant as Miss Wyoming United States. If I was going to feel comfortable being judged on stage in a bikini and high heels, I needed to do everything I could to look and feel my best. I exerted more mental discipline than I ever imagined on eating right. I adopted a philosophy for eating that had served me well in law school and continues to benefit me now:

Work smart, not hard.

Here are some rules of thumb that I followed and still follow today:

  • I eat all the time. Be it yogurt and cereal, a bowl of grapes, or a couple of mangoes. I constantly replenish my body with energy to keep my metabolism and stamina high. This helps stave off any cravings for things like ice cream and cake.
  • I drink lots of fruit smoothies (without ice)
  • I always have something sweet for breakfast. I need that extra punch at breakfast to feel satisfied, even if it’s a glass of juice or sweetened dried cherries. It’s not about just being full, it’s also about feeling satisfied by what you eat.
  • Finding “favorites” within the “healthy food zone” is key. For me, hummus goes on everything. It has a flavor, richness, and hearty taste that makes me satisfied and full.

  • Carbs are okay! Everything just has to be in moderation. Oatmeal was such an easy go-to for me, and I had some every day, even during pageant week at Nationals.
  • Shifting to a completely all-natural, organic diet was a must. So many non-organic products contain chemicals and growth hormones. Okay yes, my wallet took a hit, but one well worth it!
  • I keep my wish list food items at the back of my mind without fixating on them.

Remembering that I would definitely enjoy something insanely yummy after Nationals were over was crucial. While only one girl would walk away with the Miss United States crown, I knew that at the end of the pageant, Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake would have my name on it :)  twitter @MaryDavidJD