Empty stomach and empty fridge?!

I had just settled in for an easy night at home after a busy day when I realized that I still needed to eat. I didn’t feel like going out to buy groceries and decided to challenge myself a bit.  The challenge was to make a quick and healthy dish with whatever I could find in my kitchen.

I discovered some frozen peas in back of the freezer section and moments later I found a can of tuna, some garlic and half a pack of gluten free pasta in the pantry. A great start…..if I only had some cheese…Bingo! I found a beautiful little piece of Parmesan cheese, hiding behind a jar of mayonnaise. YAY! About 15 minutes later I was eating healthy and o-so-good pasta! :)

There are certain basics that are always great to keep in your pantry and pasta and a can of tuna are a perfect example.

The rescue team featured on the left!  I like De Boles Gluten Free rice penne, it’s light and easy to digest.






My dogs, salt & pepper checking out the dish: