Chocolate fruit balls

Look what I found in my fruit basket this morning!

This exotic fruit is known to grow in the dark. When ripe, this fruit has to be harvested early in the morning before the little birds sneak into the fields to get their fix.

I have to admit that I was that little bird this morning! :)

I was having so much fun in the kitchen last night rolling these chocolate delights. After a night in the fridge to harden, the first thing I wanted to know when I woke up was how my Goji berry/raisin coconut chocolate balls turned out? I walked straight from my bed to the fridge and OMG it’s seriously ridiculous how delicious these are. My mouth starts watering again just by writing about it.  I think these chocolate “fruit” balls are a great fit for a homemade fruit basket but I might not categorize them as breakfast……although I’d love to :)