About Jill

You might remember Jill from the many advertising campaigns, magazines,catalogues or TV commercials she starred in during her 13 year modeling career. Or perhaps you remember her from the times where she traveled the world representing Lara Croft, the Angel of Darkness.

No matter how you know Jill, once you have seen her, you’ll remember her. Are you ready to meet the Jill behind the model? ;)

On this Blog, Jill will share her passion for food, cooking, health, sports and nutrition. Jill will Blog about the latest trends in health foods and give you valuable tips on how get in shape and stay in shape! Discover Jill’s personal beauty secrets and receive tips on many interesting subjects involving, health, personal growth, cooking and food.

Are you ready to become healthier and happier? Jill will support you on your exciting journey towards becoming the best version of yourself!